Virtual Printer – Print2PC

Capture output from any device that can only print.

Do you have a piece of equipment such as a medical device, manufacturing or laboratory test equipment that only allows you to print reports to an attached printer.

Do you need to capture these to an electronic document? Or print to a network attached printer.

The RedTitan Virtual Printer is what you need.

We provide both hardware (Print2PC) and software solutions to enable the capture of Parallel, USB and Serial port output as well as TCP/IP attached printers using IPP, LPR or streamed printing protocols. If you cannot change your “type approved” or “blackbox” hardware then the RedTitan Virtual Printer provides a safe replacement for the printer that will create both a printed record and an electronic document.

The RedTitan Virtual Printer is used by some of the largest Manufacturing and Medical companies in the UK and world wide.

Please click on one of the case studies below to see how its used;

Humphrey Field Analyser – Newmedica Ophthalmology
Clean Room application – Shin Etsu Chemical Co.
Matrix perimetry – Zeiss

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