Document Processor – Further Information

VIEW – Want to View any kind of electronic document or print file? The RedTitan Document Processor is what you need.

TRANSFORM (EXTRACT DATA) – Want to extract data from your document to create a report or log file for use by another system or storage in an archive repository? The RedTitan Document Processor enables you to extract data from the print file to plain text, CSV or XML. Search TAGS can be created that identify specific pages or areas within a page. “Fields” can be created to identify data for extraction.

TRANSFORM (PLUGINS) – The RedTitan Document Processor enables the simple modification of existing print output without the need to re-code at the host application. Are you currently printing on pre-printed stationary and want to add this to the document? You can use the file-plugin to add a PDF as the back drop. Barcodes can be added to any document for archiving, mailing or tracking purposes. The RedTitan Document Processor enables easy modification of printer control commands within your document without needing to make changes to the host application. You can insert or modify Tray and Bin controls to support volume production printing, change the Plex of a document and add commands or barcodes used by downstream inserting equipment. Supported formats include PCL, PCL-XL, HPGL, PCL3GUI, Postscript, PDF, AFP, Epson, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, DICOM, CSV, XML and plain text.

TRANSFORM (PRINT) – Want to print your document designed for your local printer on a different printer? The RedTitan Document Processor can convert your document from/to virtually any print format, for example take a PCL print file designed for a desktop Hewlett Packard © printer and convert to Postscript for printing on a digital press.

STORE – Want to convert your production print run into separate PDF files for archiving? The RedTitan Document Processor enables large print format input files to be exported into separate documents. These component files can be named sequentially, or naming can be dynamic, based on one or more extracted “field” values. This dynamic naming can be used to define output paths as well as filenames.

CONSOLIDATE – The RedTitan Document Processor can be used to combine different document types into a single new document. For example, output from Microsoft Word © can be merged with a PDF document and your existing printer output to create a new document.